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Toast Omlette

This breakfast recipe is by Nishka Sewpal, 8 years old. She is my brother's granddaughter. The recipe is described mostly in her own words, with minor editing.

Niska is a delightful child, who excels at school both academically and at sports. She is a caring bigger sister to her brother. She is a delight to her parents and her family. Her grandparents dote on her and is much loved by them.

This recipe was shared Nishka, who seems to be a budding cook already.

Here is Nishka's recipe for Toast Omlette


  1. 2 slices toasted bread
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 1 tblsp. butter
  4. About 1/3 cup cold milk
  5. 2 tblsps. sugar


  1. Toast bread in the toaster
  2. Remove toast from toaster when done
  3. Break eggs in a bowl
  4. Add milk and sugar to the eggs
  5. Beat the mixture with a fork until it is nice and smooth
  6. Then heat butter in frying pan on moderate heat
  7. Pour egg mixture into the pan
  8. Stir well with a spatula
  9. Switch off stove and continue stirring until it is well cooked
  10. Put toast on plate
  11. Top with eggs, which will sizzle on bread
  12. There you have a delicious meal for breakfast
  13. You may choose to add the eggs to roti

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