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Appau made with a batter that contains yeast. It makes a delicious breakfast. This image shows two pancakes/appau rolled and ready to be eaten

Delicious Appau, all ready to eat

Appau/pancake just out of pan and ready to be eaten

Appau just out of pan, ready to be rolled and eaten

Appau/Pancake, Simple and Delicious

I was introduced to Appau, a kind of pancake by my husband's family who often enjoyed them for breakfast on Sundays. Appau has a unique yeasty tang, is soft and supple and served with butter and sprinkles of dessicated coconut. I grew to like it.

I recently developed an interest to make them myself and searched for recipes. My sister-in-law, Sova, kindly shared her Appau recipes, I found a recipe that I had been given to me, several years ago, by my husbands dear aunt, and I looked at this website's, Appau Recipe by Proudly Indian.

After perusing the recipes I worked on a version that is also low in sugar and oil. Several trials later, I now have a recipe that I am very happy with. It is simple, quick to make, is vegan and delicious

The Appau mix has to ferment, that is why it is often mixed at night and then used at breakfast the next morning. Here is the recipe for Appau made without eggs or dairy products & with minimal sugar.

An image of a rolling pin to indicate a different segment


Yeast Mixture-Part of Making Batter

  1. 2 tsps/10ml Yeast
  2. 1 cup warm water
  3. 1 teaspoon sugar

Make Batter Night Before

  1. 1 cup lukewarm water
  2. 1 cup all purpose flour
  3. 1/3 cup mealie meal
  4. 1/3 cup semolina

Next Morning

  1. a pinch of salt
  2. ½ tsp. baking powder
  3. 2 tblsps. sugar
  4. If batter is thick, add ¼ cup water, (not all at once)
  5. 1 tblsp. dessicated coconut, unsweetened

To Cook Appau & Serve Appau

  1. Approx. 1-2 tblsps. oil to spread on pan with spatula, (a little at a time)
  2. Dessicated coconut, unsweetened, (about 2 teaspoons per appau)


  1. Make the yeast mix with ingredients in list and let it prove to form a foamy texture. Add this mix to all ingredients in, Make Batter Night Before
  2. Mix well, close container and leave to ferment
  3. The next morning, the batter will appear thick with little holes in them. Stir well and add a small amount of water if batter is thick
  4. Add ingredients from section, Next Morning. The batter should be of a pouring consistency, but not runny
  5. Heat a non stick pan/griddle until it is hot. Spread a a few drops of oil at a time
  6. Take about a small ladle full of batter and pour on pan. I tilt the pan to spread the batter thinly. You can also use the back of the ladle to spread batter
  7. You will see little bubbles appearing on the uncooked side of appau. When it gets a dull look and edges are brown, it should be done
  8. You may also use a lid while the appau cooks. I don't do this all the time
  9. If appau is difficult to turn or lift, add a few drops of oil at that point
  10. You do not have to, but I usually flip it over to brown the other side for just a bit
  11. The appau cooks very quickly. Use all the batter this way
  12. Serve with butter or margarine or vegan butter and desicated coconut
  13. This recipe should yield about 6 large appaus. Enjoy
dessicated coconut and butter spread on  Appau/pancake, ready to be rolled and eaten

Appau spreaad with butter and dessicated coconut

Appau mix spread on pan to cook

Appau mix spread on pan to cook

Minimal Oil smeared on pan

Non-stick pan smeared with minimal oil

An image of the appearance of the yeast mix in the morning

The yeast mix the next morning

A non-stick pan, large spatula for lifting appau, small spatula to spread oil, a large ladle spoon that is used to scoop the batter, and measuring cups and spoons, handy tools for this recipe

My handy tools, non-stick pan, measuring cups & spoons, ladle for batter, spatula, for spreading oil and large spatula to lift appau

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About Making the Appau

For a while on Sundays, my father-in-law would buy a batch of freshly made Appau's for breakfast from a lady in the neigborhood. My husband has fond memories of the delicious Appaus that his grandmother used to make for breakfast. He tells me that his grandmother made her Appaus in those hollow pans/Kadai. That is why Appaus made in Kadais have a delicate thin edge and a thicker center.

Make sure that the yeast you use is fresh and has not expired. If you do not have mealie meal, I am sure you can use corn meal. If you prefer more sugar, go ahead and add more, but do give the amount I suggested a try. Reducing the amount of sugar in our diet is very important for good health. You will soon get used to the taste of foods with less sugar.

Have all your ingredients and tools easily available. It eases the cooking process. I enjoy using the silicone spatulas as they are so flexible. A non-stick pan is also indispensable to me. I may try the Kadai someday.

An image of a rolling pin to indicate a different segment

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